Season Beta took a quite long summer break in hot 🔥Las Vegas☀️, but ROBORACE and we were not inactive during the summer. We were not racing on the real racetrack, but we did race – in simulation. And as you can imagine, the metaverse did not make it easy. 😵🤪

1st simulation challenge “Ghost Pursuit”

As the name indicates, we had a pursuit with ghost cars. The goal: being faster and if possible don’t hit the ghost cars. Easier said then done, some ghost collisions could just not be avoided. But all in all we managed quite well in two races.

2nd place in race 1
3rd palce in race 2

2nd simulation challenge “In-Time”

The motto:
time is money
if you.lose(time):

The goal: 9.55 km traffic sprint from a standing start within 8 minutes. The team with the most time left wins. But attention, hitting ghost cars and obstacles slows you down!

Yeah, what should we say, it went really well: 1st place for team ARG 🥳 including a spectacular finish with style.  See for yourself 👉

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Even if these challenges did not officially count for Season Beta, we collected a lot of testing time, data and experience to be even more prepared when we are hitting the real racetrack again. And we can’t wait!